The Escapism posters each depict a genre
of escapist books: sci-fi, fantasy, and more.
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one for $35. Click Portfolio to see more.
The Escapism posters celebrate my love for escapist literature and movies. They are available for purchase ($35 each)--just send an e-mail to letting me know which one you're interested in. You can see the whole series on my Portfolio page by clicking the Escapism Posters link. Inspired by the Pulp Magazine covers of the '30s, and the vibrant cover art of the '70s, each poster is 18" x 24" high.

The Escapism posters are inspired by the thrilling stories of adventure that got my heart pounding when I was a boy. I used to read old 1970s paperbacks with tiny print for hours, chronicling the adventures of Conan, Tarzan, James Bond, dragon riders, time wrinklers, and more.

It's exciting to have kids of my own now, and to be able to introduce them to a new generation of adventurers (thank you Harry Potter and Percy Jackson).

The Escapism posters are my homage to great potboilers. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed making them.